Terms and conditions

Agreement details
Your online booking for a transfer service shall be answered by our operator within 2 hours. TransferTaxi.eu shall reconfirm by email or phone the acceptance of your reservation details a day before your trip. If a confirmation is missing, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The reconfirmation shall be sent to the email address or phone number that you have submitted.
The contract is a subject of the terms and conditions referring to transfer services and shall be applied to all reservations made at TransferTaxi.eu.
On signing the contract the transfer service provider is liable to deliver your filed transfer service. The reservation data shall be sent to your email. It is important to check up all your booking details when you get them back.

TransferTaxi.eu bears no responsibility if you do not receive a booking confirmation due to a fault in the email address you have submitted.
If you want to cancel your reservation you should observe our conditions, otherwise you shall owe a cancellation fee.
Payment can be made at our office, to our bank account, cash to the driver, or using a credit card via PayPal.

General conditions

We do not accept reservations requested less than 24 hrs before the departure time.

1. Non-confirmed reservation
It may happen that the service provider is not able to confirm a client’s reservation. In such cases, Transfer Taxi.eu is entitled to cancel the transfer and fully refund the payment made for the cancelled transfer service.

2. Prices
Prices are indicated in Euro. TransferTaxi.eu has the right to make changes at any time. Payment is effected after the day of the transfer reservation unless the two parties agree anything else.

3. Security of prices
Prices are final. You shall know the exact price to the day of your reservation. We guarantee that when you make reservation the price shall not be increased. When you make reservation and accept the announced price, you pay that sum.

4. Changes of reservation details
If you wish to change your reservation details including date or time of arrival, destination, ect. you can do it by sending a new request to our email address. If you have a created account, make your changes there.
Any changes of the transfer service details shall be made at least 24 hrs before the time of your trip. You shall receive an email confirming your changes.

5. Cancellation
If you wish to cancel a transfer service, we require to receive an email confirming the cancellation. Cancellation and refunding fees are as follows:
Days before travelling – No cancellation fee
Less than 24 hrs to the time of travelling – 10% administration fee
Less than 4 hrs to the time of travelling – 100% cancellation fee

6. Refunding
In some cases TransferTaxi.eu can make changes or cancel reservations for which you shall be immediately advised.
TransferTaxi.eu shall refund your payment to 100%.

7. Liability
Our vehicles are provided with certificates of insurance in accord with the Bulgarian legislation.
TransferTaxi.eu is not liable for transfer services, which were not confirmed as required in our statements, as well as for incorrect data details submitted by clients when making reservation.
TransferTaxi.eu is not liable for lost hand luggage, cell phones, computers, etc. If you have forgotten a luggage in our vehicle, the eventual costs shall be at your expenses.
It is your responsibility to have valid travelling documents. In case of sanctions for passenger’s incorrect travel documents, we shall require from that passenger to pay the full size of the fine.
Smoking is forbidden in all our vehicles.

8. Flight delays
TransferTaxi.eu keeps up with airplanes’ schedule in real time and any delay of arrivals and departures is noted. You shall not owe any additional fee if the delay is up to 120 minutes. For delays exceeding 120 minutes the charge is 5 euro for each hour started in waiting.

9. Bad behaviour
We have the right to terminate a passengers’ transfer in our judgment and without warning if their behaviour causes inconvenience, stress or danger to another passenger or third party. In such a case the transfer payment shall not be refunded.

10. Compensation for losses
TransferTaxi.eu shall claim a 100% compensation for all harms or damages caused by a passenger during their transfer.

11. Disagreements
In case of disagreement our financial liability shall not exceed the payment of the transfer. Any dispute shall be resolved by a court in accord with the Bulgarian legislation.

12. Complaints and claims
Any complaints or claims referring to TransferTaxi.eu services should be sent to our email shown on the ‘Contacts’ page. They should be submitted within 48 hours after the event. If this condition is not observed your claim or complaint shall not be accepted and regarded. You shall receive our statement on the actions undertaken within 14 days after the receipt of the claim/complaint.

If you have additional expenses or penalty fees, we shall consider those claims, which are forwarded with an official document and invoices. Submission of documents does not automatically mean that they will be fully refunded. Your claim shall be subject to further investigation in accord with our terms and conditions.